All these mics are for sale and can tried and tested here in MelbourneIMG_1433

Turner shopped shell, Shure CM element with unique tone and volume pots


Turner 221 chopped shell, Shure CM element with volume potDSC_0027

Har;ley indicator lamp shell, Shure CM element  with detent volume potDSC_0020

Astatic JT30 shell, Shure CM element with volume and tone pots DSC_0028

Astatic JT30 Shell, Shure CM element with side mounted volume potDSC_0010

Astatic 30 (biscuit) shell, Rick Estrin crystal with volume potDSC_0006

Astatic 30 (brown biscuit) shell,Shure CM element DSC_0039

Tuner Challenger shell, Shure CM element  DSC_0034

Turner Chopped shell, Shure CR elementDSC_0033

American Clipper, Dynamic elementDSC_0022

Astatic  30 (brown biscuit) shell, crystal element DSC_0040

Electro Voice ball shell,crystal elementDSC_0537

Aiwa shell and elementDSC_0542

American C7H, crystal elementDSC_0499

Electro Voice 605 shell, Shure CM elementDSC_0538

Astatic JT30 shell, Shure CM elementDSC_0003

Shure 520 shell, Shure CR element with volume potDSC_0500


Turner chopped shell, Shure CM element with volume pot

Turner, chopped with Shure CM element and volume control and powder coated shell



Turner chopped shell, Shure CM element with volume potDSC_0520


Fentone shell, crystal elementDSC_0529


Hohner Blues blaster (JT30 ) shell, crystal element with volume potDSC_0523


Astatic 30  ( brown biscuit) shell, crystal elementDSC_0512


Astatic 200 chopped shell, Shure CM elementDSC_0524


Ronette shell, Shure CM elementDSC_0502


Shure 520 shell, Shure CR elementDSC_0504


Astatic JT30 shell, Shure CR black elementDSC_0522


Astatic 200 chopped shell, Shure CM element with volume potDSC_0525


Ellipsoid Shell, Shure CM elementDSC_0544

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8 thoughts on “BULLET MIC GALLERY

    1. Hi there its a tone pot form a guitar harness and it works quite well … depends on the amp of course but definatly shapes the sound form a darker tone to a brighter tone

  1. hi roger i was gonna get u to modify my gb 520dx but think i might be better off buying a new mic can u email me the catalogue also lookin into gettin a vht special6 or can u advice me on your cbg amp is it a valve amp price an combatability with your mics im green as grass in this field n appreciate your advice . cheers marty

    1. Hi there Well I’ve done a few 520 change overs and put in old CM units but of course a new mic is always nice too. The selection is on the price list page on this site….as for amps well there are unfortunately a lot of options. I personally have a 4/10 harp king Mother of all amps….and two Harpgear amps HG30 and the double trouble http://www.harpgear.com. They are voiced for these mics and built specifically. Yes the VHT s are great and I have a 12/20 which is great at home. Frankly the best thing to do is get a good mic then try out amps before you buy …I’ve seen so many people who have bought a valve amp …guitar based of course then ….have all sorts of issues trying to get sound without feedback…..if you are playing just at home then you can go the other way and get a little cigar box..see youtube on this. I have made some but they are many to choose from ….cigar boxes give a great sound at low household sound levels and very satisfying
      If you want to talk over the phone let us know. Cheers. Roger

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