Cigar boxes come in many forms and no two are the same . I use a circuit that is generally 3 watts, has volume and tone as well as various distortion levels… an earphone/headphone jack which turns off the speaker so you can practice more discretely … a jack to  input from another source e.g. a phone player and a D.C. Power jack

the basic models are $175 plus shipppng

and then theres the custom boxes cases and speakers   Some I’ve made have vintage Rola speakers mounted into old timber suitcases

great fun and surprisingly loud

here are some examples




The following are straight recordings on backing tracks to demo how the cigar box sounds using cubase , a little delay  and thats about it…enjoy



Recording of” Im Getting Drunk” by Mitch Kashmar with backing on harp by me and this amp



People Get Ready…cigar box..Rola speaker



A Minor Thing



I Lied …Richard James…cigar box demo


San Ho Zay…Richard James…cigar box demo


 Messin with the Kid..Cigar box demo


After Hours…Boz Scaggs…Cigar box demo


Cold Cold Feeling..Cigar box demo


Down at the Juke…Cigar box demo


CIGAR BOX demo by the marvelous Alex Ure from Perth

CIGAR BOX VIDEO…Click this image




MORE CIGAR BOX STUFF VIDEO….click this image




cigar box 5 watt







IMG_2943  IMG_2945


Just received my Cigar Box Amp from Roger at Kingtone Mics today. To say I’m happy is an understatement. This little fellow punches far above its weight. I unboxed it with a friend at a local Cafe, and gave it a workout with my Uke straight away. When I got home I plugged in a Green Bullet and gave it a workout with one of Dane’s Seydel Blues Session Steel Harps. Can’t get the smile off my mug at the moment . This one is featured half way down the page of the link at Rogers site below. So pleased it was still available. Thanks Roger!

IMG_7851IMG_7852IMG_2954 IMG_7850   IMG_7853 IMG_7854 IMG_7855


Even a ukulele with a cigar box stack sounds fantastic….thanks George