Kingtone mics update 16 feb 2014

MICS all priced at $310 Aust (standard Vintage shure CM element)…plus shipping

Connector/Adapter $20 Aust

Kingtone Mic
repair and modification work /labour

Workshop time per hour
A$ 20

Drill, tap, rewire and install Switchcraft 2501 screw-on connector
A$ 20

Machine, drill, install, and wire volume control
A$ 20

I can build a bullet harp mic from a various shells I have and then match your aesthetic preferences and ergonomics i.e. hand size and volume control location preferences.

Also I can modify and update your current mic

The 520 Green Bullet is a common one either the swapping of the element , ie  a vintage for the current element, installing a screw on connector and adapter with a plug put on the cut lead .

Below is a list of individual modifications and additions with pricing.

Switchcraft 2501 screw on connector (male)
A$ 20


Screw on adapter to 6mm(1/4in) for attaching to the above and then allowing a normal guitar lead to be used

A$ 20


Volume Control
A$ 20


Volume and Tone Control
A$ 30


Knurled Knobs

A$ 20


Stack Pot Knobs

A$ 20



A$ 20


Standard Element
A$ 110


Premium Element
A$ 130+



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